Saturday, April 30, 2011


One of the best parts of the royal wedding is the hats! It makes me want to start collecting fascinators, even though I have no real opportunity to wear them. I do have a collection of vintage hats and am amazed how timeless some of them are and I've pictured a few I think could be worn to a wedding today.

This brown one is a favorite of mine. The color is very flattering.

I have never managed to wear red like this, but I do love it. The bauble is a nice touch.

This is another favorite, but is more of a headband than a hat. I love the detailed velvet leaves. I've never quite worked out how the netting is supposed to go, but I think over the hair to the back of the head...maybe.

Quite a few have feathers.

This one looks surprising well on. One just has to be careful not to drag the feather through doorways.

I'm not likely to add to my vintage hat collection at this point as they are from family and a family friend, but I am so tempted to get some new head pieces!

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knitseashore said...

What a pretty collection! Do you display them? I've always wanted to display my grandmother's hats, but I'm afraid the dust and sunlight would ruin them.