Monday, April 11, 2011

New Sprouts & More Sowing

The chard has grown a bit in the week since I showed the first tiny sprouts.

A few jugs of poppies have sprouted as well. They are a perennial variety called Princess Victoria Louise. I already have some mature plants, but would like to establish a few more clumps around the yard.

The chives are beginning to sprout, but they don't really show up enough for a picture yet.

Today, I planted 18 more jugs and here is my picture so I remember what I planted if the sun fades my writing. I planted one kind of annual flower called Scabiosa, but the rest are herbs or greens. I can't wait to use them in my cooking!

I have a lot more planting to do now and I should start to prep pots for later sowing too. The cold weather has been lingering this year, but we are starting to get some proper spring days that will really help the plants take off. Hopefully we'll also have some April showers as the garden soil is a little dry.


2paw said...

I love that name Princess Victoria Louise!! Please, have some of our rain, we're having floods again for the third time in a month, not me, but on the East Coast. It never rains but it pours!!

knitseashore said...

I bought my potting soil yesterday, and my milk jugs are all ready to go this afternoon for seed starting. I hope it isn't too late, but as you said, this spring has been a little late in coming.

Thank you for the encouragement to try seed starting again.