Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've continued to cook from issue 61 of Donna Hay mag, most recently trying the spiced stewed plums. They are so good over vanilla ice cream, but have other uses too. I'm actually tempted to glaze some grilled chicken or pork with the plum syrup!

James has begun to eat small portions of banana, so I will need to make things with banana so none goes to waste. This morning, I made The Domestic Goddess's (Nigella) banana muffins while feeding James. It was good to do some baking first thing as the temps will be soaring to the 90's later. Summer is here!

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Favorite Dishes

Issue 61 of Donna Hay is sure a good one! I've made the Spiced Lemon Chicken also shown in my last post a couple times now. Most recently, I made Donna's Black Bean and Tomato Salsa to go with it and love the flavors of it. I've had it with the chicken, Greek yogurt and avocado as pictured and for leftovers had the same combo just without the chicken. I think I'll be making it all summer!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Cooking

On a recent trip to the bookstore I bought Issue 61 of the Donna Hay magazine as I was excited to try a number of the summery recipes that are so beautifully presented. Tonight, we had Spiced Lemon Chicken with rice pilaf for main course and Plum Clafoutis for dessert with a dollop of vanilla ice cream melting over it.

I have ingredients ready to make another sweet, the Pineapple Coconut Loaf, but intend to make other things too. I will let you know how they turn out. Is anyone else cooking from this issue? Let me know your recommendations!

I definitely give five stars to tonight's recipes!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Mobile Test and an FO

I managed a knitting project this week, Mini Jubilee Bunting, but I'll actually use it for the 4th of July. There are 7 little flags, each about 4 inches long. The inspiration is from Let's Knit mag and The Flitter Knitter and a free bunting pattern.

I strung the flags with attached I cord which is something I've been wanting to try for awhile and worked nicely here.

I'll have to edit this later to add links. I'm not sure how and James wants to touch the screen too which is making this tricky!