Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've continued to cook from issue 61 of Donna Hay mag, most recently trying the spiced stewed plums. They are so good over vanilla ice cream, but have other uses too. I'm actually tempted to glaze some grilled chicken or pork with the plum syrup!

James has begun to eat small portions of banana, so I will need to make things with banana so none goes to waste. This morning, I made The Domestic Goddess's (Nigella) banana muffins while feeding James. It was good to do some baking first thing as the temps will be soaring to the 90's later. Summer is here!


Kristen said...

All your recipes are making me hungry!

2paw said...

Yes, the plums looks delicious and I made some banana cup cakes for morning tea. Here it was minus 3 at 9am, a bit different to where you are. James is growing up so quickly!!!