Saturday, February 27, 2010

Knitting Update and Recipe Suggestions

Knitting things are mostly in progress and I haven't taken any new pics lately. But for an update: Maythorn is partly seamed. I still struggle with seaming and really don't know how to properly tackle all that trim... I may end up 'bugging' someone at a shop ;) I have also worked on the Thalia top which just needs the sleeves finished, neck finished off and seaming. I deviated from the pattern a bit, so it will be interesting to see how it comes out! I quickly knit up a garter stitch hot water bottle cozy from the RYC Winter Gifts book. I ran out of yarn at the last few rows, but had a little in another color that I used to finish it. It doesn't really show as it was the edge of the button band that goes underneath.

Today, I tried a couple of new and excellent recipes from Everyday Food magazine and I noticed they are posted online so I can provide the links too! I made Honey Teriyaki Chicken and Asian Cabbage Slaw. DH and I loved this meal!

Another new to me recipe I've tried in the past couple of weeks, I found on the Trainer Momma blog. It is called Chicken Orzo Skillet. It is quick to make and very filling. I changed it a little from the Trainer Momma blog. I used an onion and minced garlic (no powders). I just added in some oregano instead of the Italian seasoning.

Both of these meals are getting added to my list of staple recipes.