Thursday, May 29, 2008

FO: Rose's Wrist Warmers

You can tell how much I like the wrist warmers in this scene... I've already finished up a pair of my own!

Yarn and needles details are on Ravelry.

I did the same increase stitches for both thumbs, so they are not exactly mirrored, but I wasn't sure how to do the left one differently and it hardly matters anyway! Though, I think I will try to look it up sometime.

Now, I have to wait for cool weather to be able to wear them.

I really want to see season 4, but I will have to wait for the DVDs. I still have some extras to watch on the Dr. Who 1-3 DVDs. Jeff and I have started watching MI-5 as well! Wow! It's intense and very good!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rose's Wrist Warmers

Thanks for all the nice wishes on our anniversary! Jeff and I had a dinner out and then stopped at the bookstore for a treat, the Dr. Who season 1 boxed set, the 2005 one. We've both been wanting to see it for ages and loved it! I'm a little embarrassed to say how many episodes I've seen already, but we watched all of season 1 and had to go get season 2 late on Sunday. We needed to get season 3 on Wednesday...

I am so hooked! How will I wait for season 4 on DVD??? And I've read online that season 5 won't be filmed until 2010???

(I have had a cold this week, so I've been watching more TV than I would ordinarily have time for...but even if I was healthy I'm pretty sure I'd watch them back to back.)

There are some knits in the series and I loved Rose's wrist warmers shown here in a BBC pic.

I grabbed some yarn from the stash and started planning out a pattern using cable directions in one of the Walker books I have. Well, then it occurred to me someone else must have already done this! Yes, there is a pattern.

As you can see, I skipped the ribbing and changed one set of cables on the right to aim away from the central motif. I started with size 7 needles for the first diamond, changed to size 6 for the next two diamonds and changed to size 5 for the rest. This tapered the warmer to fit my arm nicely and is a good fit on my palm. When I finish the second one, I'll be sure to take a pic that shows the thumb better as that came out well too.

One's done and I'm anxious to get started on the mate for it! Unfortunately I can't knit at the same time as watching the episodes as I don't want to be distracted from the show!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

10 Years!

Jeff and I eloped 10 years ago today and married at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, Maine. Here are some snaps from the big day, collaged together for you to see.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Weekend Pics

At one point on Saturday, I looked out the window and saw turkeys in the neighbors yard!

They were not very wary of me taking pics and slowly strolled across the lawn.

Bandit always loves to be brushed, but especially this time of year when he's shedding a bit more.

He even likes his tummy brushed.

We got a new collar for Silas and I think the green looks nice on him.

The dogs also got a new rope toy which Saffy wanted me to stand on so she could tug on it.

She still kept an eye on Jeff. He had a crinkly bag that she hoped held dog cookies, but was actually just some grass seed for the area that used to be under the brush pile we burned.

The apple trees are in bloom and the scent is lovely.

It was good to relax and enjoy the flowers and pets over the weekend. I didn't get much knitting done, only a bit more work done on the Noni flowers.

Sunday, I did get a couple of new knitting mags including the summer Interweave Knits and Verena, which is new here.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Yarn In Bloom

I don't have much variety to share with you lately, but the Noni knitting is going well. I can do one of these fuschia blooms in an evening or two of knitting.

The row where the stitches are placed on holders is a little fussy, but not hard. I don't have quite enough split markers of the same size which is why there are two large ones on here. The safety pins are perfect for holding the stitches for the outer petals. This is a picture of my 6th one in progress!

The felted one you've seen before, but here it is with some unfinished ones. I have to weave in ends, tack the inner petals together to form the bell shape, and make the tassle inside for the stamen thingys before felting them.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Saturday's Big Project

Saturday, Jeff and I tackled this big chore:

Burning the brush pile in the backyard. We had to move most of it into the garden area to avoid scorching any trees. It took a few hours of lugging. 1 rabbit and 1 vole scampered out of it.
A picture of the coals in the garden area. When the original pile got small, we burned the rest of it in place. It's nice to have the yard cleaned up!

Jeff telling Silas something...probably about remembering he's on his leash and not to pull my arms. They are almost never leashed in the backyard, so it was weird for them and they thought something exciting was going to happen.

Jeff tried to keep them untangled,

but it was pretty hopeless!

Finally, Saffy got bored and sat on my feet. You wouldn't expect her to actually sit on the ground would you?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update On My Felting and Pets

I've made 4 more bags since my last post and gotten started on the flowers for them! I've only done 1 flower so far, but it was fun to knit up and felted nicely too.

Here's a close up of the flower.

And one from a different angle.

All 3 pets went to the vet Tuesday for their annual exams, blood tests and shots. They all behaved so well! I was so proud :-) They got a ton of cookies and pats and wagged their tails the entire time. Everyone is healthy and vaccinated for another year. Bandit was very lucky as it turned out he didn't need any shots, but the vet held him and gave him some attention and checked him over.

It must have been exhausting as 2 nights later, the dogs are still sleeping at every opportunity! Silas keeps his nose warm.

Saffy just pours herself into her bed.