Monday, May 05, 2008

Yarn In Bloom

I don't have much variety to share with you lately, but the Noni knitting is going well. I can do one of these fuschia blooms in an evening or two of knitting.

The row where the stitches are placed on holders is a little fussy, but not hard. I don't have quite enough split markers of the same size which is why there are two large ones on here. The safety pins are perfect for holding the stitches for the outer petals. This is a picture of my 6th one in progress!

The felted one you've seen before, but here it is with some unfinished ones. I have to weave in ends, tack the inner petals together to form the bell shape, and make the tassle inside for the stamen thingys before felting them.


knitseashore said...

Wow, that sounds like there are a lot of little steps to assembling those flowers. Are you happy with the size of the finished flower in proportion to the bag? I'm still waiting on my bag to come back.

You're lucky to be able to burn all your leaves. We have to take everything to the landfill.

Robin said...

Thanks for adding me to your Ravelry friend list - I just added you as well. I made a felted flower before, except it was part of one of those kits, and I remember all those steps! It was kind of fun in a way, but annoying in others.

I like your blog too, esp. how the mouse turns into a super cute kitty when I'm visiting!

Have a great weekend!

belaybunny said...

The flowers look great. especially when felted up. you're really good at this felting stuff ;)

Devorah said...

Those flowers look like they are addicting to make!