Sunday, May 04, 2008

Saturday's Big Project

Saturday, Jeff and I tackled this big chore:

Burning the brush pile in the backyard. We had to move most of it into the garden area to avoid scorching any trees. It took a few hours of lugging. 1 rabbit and 1 vole scampered out of it.
A picture of the coals in the garden area. When the original pile got small, we burned the rest of it in place. It's nice to have the yard cleaned up!

Jeff telling Silas something...probably about remembering he's on his leash and not to pull my arms. They are almost never leashed in the backyard, so it was weird for them and they thought something exciting was going to happen.

Jeff tried to keep them untangled,

but it was pretty hopeless!

Finally, Saffy got bored and sat on my feet. You wouldn't expect her to actually sit on the ground would you?

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2paw said...

A vole??? That sounds very Monty Python!! I think Labradors hate having their happy world of order changed, they don't like it when you mess up their schedules!! How very funny they are. Lucky you, at least you will have warm feet!!