Thursday, May 28, 2009

FO: Fantail Tunic

Fantail Tunic is a quick knit (I began it on May 12th and finished on 28th) and is a comfortable top to pull on for cooler summer evenings as it's a cotton/bamboo blend. I will have to wear it over a black tank as the camera flash shows more than I want to otherwise! I think this will get a lot of wear, it's just the sort of thing I pull on over jeans when I want something more than a plain t-shirt.

Here's a scary headless, self timered pic showing the initial try on with some threads still to weave in.

Now, I'm waiting for the yarn for my next project, it's due to arrive on June 1st and you can bet I will be casting on right away!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Next Summer Project

As I'm nearing the finish of my Fantail Tunic, I'm starting to line up my next project. Yesterday, I ordered Lion Brand cotton ease in a summery shade of terracotta.

I'm planning to make this tank from Creative Knitting (July '09). I will extend the basic ribbing a little lower, so the eyelet ribbing is all below the bust line...I think?

I'm getting antsy to cast on, so it's a good thing I'm waiting on the shipping and therefore have some time to finish the current tunic project.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Bliss

With my shopping and planting done (for now), I was able to really enjoy the patio area today. We grilled/ate dinner outside and then I knit out there.

Here's a cute new flag we got for by the doorway and plants coming along.

Some herbs and flowers starting to look summery around the patio.

Wine, the front of the Fantail Tunic in progress and DH for company...a happy finish to the long holiday weekend!

I'm psyched for summer =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hope everyone is having as nice a holiday weekend as I am. I've been shopping, gardening and knitting! How do you like my $1 bead bracelet from Target? Can't beat that, right?! I'll try to remember it's not the candy kind...

As for knitting, I'm working on the Fantail Tunic (in black) from Knit Today magazine. Back and sleeves are done, so send me good finishing karma for the front please.

It's the first time I've purchased this mag and I like this issue a lot. The Fantail Tunic is shown in yellow on the front. I'm thinking about starting the blue top as well.