Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hope everyone is having as nice a holiday weekend as I am. I've been shopping, gardening and knitting! How do you like my $1 bead bracelet from Target? Can't beat that, right?! I'll try to remember it's not the candy kind...

As for knitting, I'm working on the Fantail Tunic (in black) from Knit Today magazine. Back and sleeves are done, so send me good finishing karma for the front please.

It's the first time I've purchased this mag and I like this issue a lot. The Fantail Tunic is shown in yellow on the front. I'm thinking about starting the blue top as well.


knitseashore said...

Your bracelet is so pretty and summery!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, and that the front of your sweater knits up perfectly.

Kristen said...

The bracelet does look good enough to eat!