Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update On My Felting and Pets

I've made 4 more bags since my last post and gotten started on the flowers for them! I've only done 1 flower so far, but it was fun to knit up and felted nicely too.

Here's a close up of the flower.

And one from a different angle.

All 3 pets went to the vet Tuesday for their annual exams, blood tests and shots. They all behaved so well! I was so proud :-) They got a ton of cookies and pats and wagged their tails the entire time. Everyone is healthy and vaccinated for another year. Bandit was very lucky as it turned out he didn't need any shots, but the vet held him and gave him some attention and checked him over.

It must have been exhausting as 2 nights later, the dogs are still sleeping at every opportunity! Silas keeps his nose warm.

Saffy just pours herself into her bed.


knitseashore said...

Your first flower looks great! Are you happy with it too? Those bags will make great presents.

So glad to hear everyone did so well at the vet! Always good news to have.

belaybunny said...

your felting is great. I love all the bags you've been making recently.

2paw said...

Oh look at those big Labradors!! Aren't they so lovely. Going to The Vet wears mone out too. Isn't Silas so sweet that he hides his nose, and Saffy has jost gone to sleep in an instant. Good happy Bandit too!!!
Love the bags and is that a fuchsia?? It looks wonderful!!

Curly Cable said...

Super bags you've made, the flower looks fab! I am pleased to hear Silas, Saffy and Bandit are all well. Healthy Happy pets make a happy home :) Love the pictures of your doggies having a well earned snooze they are just so cute:)

Devorah said...

That is a great flower. I can just see it on one of those bags.