Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Annual Vet Visit & An Operation

Monday, we had the big annual vet visit for vaccinations and checkups. The vet sends photo postcards of each pet to remind us to book the appointments and I scanned the pics to post here.

Saffy was intent on the Hand That Held the Cookies.

Silas has a funny expression here. I guess it's a look of wondering if he's going to get a cookie or have a needle jabbed into him.

Bandit actually was getting treatment for an ear ache on the day of this picture, but it is still pretty cute.

We gave everyone baths the night before, even Bandit. He's a weird cat as he likes water! He purrs and arches his back as he's rubbed with shampoo and is very relaxed in the tub. He likes getting cocooned in the towels after and even lets me use the hair dryer on him.

The vet appointment came just at the right time as Bandit is having one of his scratchy spells where he digs at his neck and causes bald spots and cuts. That is apparently an allergic reaction (to what, I have no idea...maybe cat hair?!) and is treated with a shot. So he should be feeling a lot better soon.

Saffy has had a bump on her hind leg for awhile and it was not a problem until last Friday when she worked on it until it became a sore!! The vet said we could bring her in the next day to have it removed, if we wanted, and we were relieved it could be done so quickly. Still, it is nerve-wracking to have a pet put under for an operation. She did not like skipping breakfast in the morning! Silas did not like being left behind. She will have stitches for about 2 weeks and we have three different kinds of pills for her. She ate the first one right up--Jeff hid it in a peanut butter sandwich he made with dog cookies! The cone will take some getting used to. She doesn't know how to sleep with it on or walk through doors or hold her head up enough so it doesn't drag and catch. We are helping her get around and now we have her restng in the middle of the living room with her toys around her for comfort.

Between those two suddenly having some issues, I was just waiting for Silas to come up with something, but fortunately, he's in one piece!

Everyone is generally in good health, thankfully!


Kristen said...

I'm glad there were only minor issues to deal with at the vet. Bandit likes getting a bath, plus is not afraid of the hairdryer?! Amazing!
Poor Saffy. It's hard to act dignified when wearing a cone and bumping into everything. Whenever our dogs had to wear a cone we tried not to laugh in their presence!

2paw said...

I love the postcard idea, bandit does look very superior!! Silas does have a funny look. I had to scroll back really quickly to see why Saffy had The Cone. I am so glad it is nothing serious. Peri has quite a few lumps like that and coincidentally one popped up on her back leg last week. It doesn't seem to bother her. I agree, it is always such a worry and poor Silas, being left behind and missing out on all the pills and cones ad special attention!! Get well soon Saffy!!