Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Chicken Vindaloo

It's turned into Curry Week at our house! I am on a roll with the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution curries.

Vindaloo requires some peppery heat, so first, I had to locate some dried red chili peppers. The supermarket had a variety that's primarily used in Japanese, Chinese and Thai cooking.

I'd like to learn what pepper varieties are used in Indian cooking and grow some or order some. I have noticed one called Sanaam, that looks interesting! Doing a quick search, I found an online garden catalog offering a wide variety of Indian peppers (including Sanaam), so I will have to research and plan which ones to grow in the 2012 garden. For this year, I've started peppers originating mainly from Mexico and a Thai variety that I can substitute.

I really enjoy making the curry pastes. These recipes have given me the most authentic tasting/restaurant like results I've ever made and are surprisingly fast to assemble when you have a mini food processor.

This curry is made like the others, by sauteing the onions, etc, first. Then, I added in chicken, tomatoes, spice paste, vinegar and stock and simmered it for an hour.

I served it up with basmati, naan (from the shop, again!), diced tomatoes, yogurt, mango chutney, lemon and cilantro.

The pepper heat was medium, so it was nice to have the cooling yogurt, but it was far from 'smegging hot', which is just as well.

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2paw said...

Most amusing - smegging hot!!! Wow your plate looks so wonderful and I think if the curry is too hot, it just burns you and you can't enjoy the taste.