Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garden Progress

Today, I set up the coldframe. I need to fill pots with soil, 15 per tray, probably 6 trays. There will be 2 kinds of zinnias, 4 o'clocks, morning glories, cucumbers and zucchini. They'll be started in the cold frame.

The romaine got too big for the first tray, so I potted it into individual cells. I hope to acclimatize it to the cold frame soon, weather permitting. And, I need to start successive lettuce/greens plantings right away.

The eggplants were finally ready to pot on. I have 8 Burpee Eggplants (the large Italian type), 8 Nadia (also large Italian type), 4 Barbarella (round type) and 4 Orient Express (long and narrow).

The peppers are slowly coming along. Some of the ones I think are less hybrid or more wild types are SO slow and staggered coming up...a survival mechanism in the wild, but kind of a pain in a seed tray! I could start pricking out a lot anytime, but I am out of leak proof trays. They do get holes pretty easily and I can use the leaky ones outside, but not in.

I've ordered the trays today and some more seeds jumped into my cart too! I'd forgotten to order a few things earlier like sprouting broccoli (for fall) and broccoli raab (for entire season). I haven't grown them before but really want to try. I think they will do well here. (Regular broccoli can bolt so fast when the hot weather comes here, so I don't always bother with it.) It's always fun to be on the lookout for garden mail!

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2paw said...

I was waxing lyrical about your garden to my GardyGardeners at afternoon tea at their house today!!!