Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BBQ Dinner

We are finally wearing short sleeves outside, so it seemed appropriate to celebrate with a bbq dinner.

I made the sauce from the Chinese-Style Spare Rib recipe from Everyday Food magazine, issue 82. But, instead of using it on ribs, I butterflied a whole chicken, covered it with sauce, roasted it and then Jeff did the finishing touches on the grill outside. I reserved some sauce at the beginning, so he could baste it on during the grilling.

To go with that, I made potato salad using Veganaise for the first time. That is good stuff! I am a convert! Mayo is good too, but why not avoid cholesterol when possible? I am looking forward to trying the Veganaise in other recipes too, like dips.

For greens, we had a bit of arugula with balsamic, lemon juice and EVOO.

We had some of our 2010 garden pickles on the side. I also used the juice and some chopped ones in the potato salad.

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