Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Rogan Josh

Monday night dinner was Chicken Rogan Josh from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution book and we have plenty left for tonight too. I made the paste which was a wonderful red color from two kinds of paprika.

I simmered onions with hot peppers, ginger, bay leaves and cilantro.

Here, all the ingredients have been added in and I just needed to stir in the red lentils, then simmer for an hour.

It thickened nicely. I plated it and we garnished it with some more cilantro, lemon, yogurt, chutney and diced tomato.

So, we've now tried (and love!) two of Jamie's curry recipes: the Tikka Masala was the other one. I'm planning to make the Vindaloo soon and I have all the ingredients ready!

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2paw said...

Oh, vindaloo, I will be interested to see how hot it is. I am very impressed with your skill making curry paste. It looks absolutely delicious!!