Thursday, April 28, 2011


Poor Saffy! She loathes the cone. I made the mistake of taking it off her thinking it would be ok off in the living room with us watching her, but she was too interested in the stitches. Then, after we put the cone back on her, she moaned and cried so pitifully. Once she knew it could come off, she was trying to insist we remove it for her again! We had to be tough and not give in even though she was really working on our emotions. Now, it's on for the rest of the 2 weeks...

She has been crashing into door frames, furniture, Silas, Bandit and knees. She just about scoops Bandit up with it and plows him along!! She hangs her head, so it catches on the ground and the steps into the house. She has figured out how to eat with it on. She lowers it down around her food dish, all the way to the floor and eats inside it. It keeps Silas and the cat from being able to steal any of her kibbles!

We are keeping her well dosed with pain pills and we haven't seen any signs of pain other than an occasional wince when the leg gets bent all the way. She already wants to trot and canter around the yard and we are having to keep her on a tight leash. She still manages to bounce in place quite a bit.

She's loving all the extra attention and treats--she doesn't know that some of those treats have pills inside. Actually, we've found out she will just eat up the pills alone so we don't have to be sneaky like we thought we'd need to be. They are not flavored to be appealing either!


knitseashore said...

It's one of those times you wish you could explain to them the why behind the cone. I hope for her sake the two weeks go by fast.

You are so fortunate she is easy to pill!! I can't hide anything in Rainy's food or she won't touch it.

Greeley said...

Comfy Cone is great if she gets too pitiful for the e-collar.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Greeley. I just googled that and it looks like a good option in future. I think we'll get through it with the e-collar this time as she is able to sleep and things now. I keep making sure to give her lots of rubs in case she feels itchy or achy and can't fix that with her head so confined!