Monday, April 18, 2011

Perfect Spring Days

I wish this season could be twice as long, but I guess I appreciate these days all the more because they are really quite brief. I enjoyed a weekend that included a little shopping and garden/yard planning and work.

Saturday, we went out to a few stores and lunch out at Chipotle. At Target, I found a new gardening hat. It seems to be becoming a tradition for me to get new hats there each spring. I really needed it starting today to avoid sun bleaching/drying my hair and burning my nose! Maybe I will find a pretty feather in the yard sometime to tuck into the band.

Over the weekend, I cut back all the butterfly bushes and Jeff and I cut back the Rose of Sharons together, making quick work of cutting all the little sticks right back to the stumps.

Today, I got a lot of planting done for the cold frame.

I sowed:
Giant Mixed Zinnias and Cactus Mixed Zinnias
Broken Colors 4 o'clocks
Sensation Mix Cosmos
Heavenly Blue and Scarlett varieties of Morning Glories
Cherry Nasturiums
Raven Zukes
Marketmore Cukes

In between sowing, I checked the jugs and there are mustard greens up (shown in picture) and mesclun greens too.

Saffy and Silas could not stay awake. I think they tried to keep an eye on me, but it was just too dull for them and the sun was so warm and sleep inducing. They were even a little lethargic when we walked about the yard. I guess their winter coats are probably feeling heavy and too warm now. Silas has already started to really shed.

While I was outside, the mail arrived and with it another parcel from a Boden sale. A couple of things are still back ordered for a long time, but two things came today. It's another twist front top in a different color for variety and a ribbon necklace. It's hard to see in this light, but the ribbon is navy and the beads are blue, purple and silver. I really like it on me!

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knitseashore said...

You are getting so much work done in your yard and garden. I bet it's looking beautiful already, even without leaves yet. :)