Sunday, May 01, 2011

Outside Sprouts Update

Happy May Day!

The weather is so springy this weekend and it was time for the first lawn mowing of the year yesterday. We have blooming primrose, rhododendron, bleeding heart, grape hyacinth, tulip, money plant and probably some more I'm not thinking of at the moment. Oh, one of the plum trees is in bloom!

Inside, everything is growing quickly. I potted on the rest of the peppers and the savory and some lettuce.

Outside, there are more sprouts than I can post pictures of, so this is just a sampling. There are sprouts in every jug--I love 100% success rates! They include: fennel





and mustard.

In the cold frame you can see the morning glories, nasturiums, cosmos, zinnias, zukes and the lettuce that has been moved out after being started under lights.

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