Monday, May 02, 2011

Recent Cooking

I have to catch up with posting some of the meals I've made recently! The first pictures show the Real Mushroom Soup from Jamie's Dinners.

It was really tasty and a bit of sourdough boule went with it perfectly.

This next concoction is the Tupperware Mexican Chorizo from the River Cottage Everyday book. It is ground pork with various seasonings including smoked paprika and red wine. It can sit in the fridge for several days and get used as needed. The possibilities are really endless with this.

I used it in a carbonara recipe also from the River Cottage Everyday book. I added the Kalamatas and parsley since it seemed like they would go nicely. I was a little short on ingredients for the sauce, but it was still yummy. Next time, I will try to have the right amounts of things.

It was a great addition to my own recipe made with gemelli, cannellini beans, spinach, Kalamatas and our homegrown tomato sauce. Here is the sauce before I tossed in the gemelli.

For Saturday brunch, I used it in a Spanish style tortilla (or fritatta) with potatoes and spinach (my own improvised recipe).

And, shown ready to eat. (If I was a food stylist, I'd have fussed that potato back into place, but I am more interested in getting to the eating part!)

This week, there will be some repeats, but new dishes I plan to try are Farfalle with Carbonara and Spring Peas and Pasta Peperonata which are both from Jamie's Dinners. I'll probably try a new sweet recipe as well.

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