Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Things

The weather has been so cool that I haven't done much planting or even been able to introduce indoor plants to the outdoors. We usually get a spell of chilly weather this time of year, I think it's a coastal thing.

Last week, we got an Amish built picnic table for the backyard. I think we will paint it dark green at some point. It will be nice for dinners, but also will be a good work surface for potting or whatever, close by the garden.

Also last week, I planted 100 strawberry crowns. They were a surprise gift from a neighbor as thanks for homemade pickles. They should produce a year from June. I think we'll buy some straw to mulch them with. They don't look like much in the picture, in fact, you pretty much have to take my word that they are there!

Today, I mowed the lawn while Jeff burned the brush piles.

The apple blossoms are open now and the lilacs are about to open up.

I spotted this critter (a vole) tucked into a cranny in the stone wall, eating some blades of grass. It's a garden pest, so it had better find a new home!!

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2paw said...

Those bench tables are very popular her, for BBQs!! They are usually stained a wood colour, but I would like green.
You work so hard in your garden, and the apple blossom is so beautiful. I have never seen a vole on someone's blog. I take it they are horrid??