Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Fall 'Look Book' Post

I love the fall fashion mags and catalogs. After the hot summer I am happy to see layers, knits, textured fabrics, shoes, boots, earthy and jewel colors! I do way more looking than shopping, but I do like to get a few new things that I think I will like to use a lot. My look is far more 'practical' than 'fashionista'.

I have a very sore and swollen left arm at the moment for unknown reasons, so I've distracted myself with magazines and picking some things I might like to get. And, I started my shopping with a jewelry purchase!

When I saw this necklace in the September issue of Lucky, I SO coveted it. Jeff said I had to have it! It is very 'me'. I think it is exciting to find a dropped antler on a walk in the woods. Back when I flintknapped, I used antler for tools. I love jewelry influenced by nature.

I also like this beaded necklace which looks quite wintry to me, like Christmas and New Year's parties.

I am looking forward to trying some teal shades of nail polish like the (obnoxiously named) Too Rich for You.

I probably won't get anything very different than usual for makeup.

This fragrance keeps smelling really good to me in one of the mags.

The jacket pictured below from Dillards might be good for everyday and dog walking. Likewise, for daily wear, I need a couple of new fleeces from LL Bean as mine are almost threadbare! I might try a fleece vest in addition to replacing the old jacket with the new version of it: fleece jacket . I think I'd like a new trench coat as I gave mine away to good will awhile back. This one is more traditional: trench coat, but I'm drawn to this and want to see it in person: dark trench coat. A velvet or corduroy blazer would be useful. My favorite corduroy pea coat jacket is sadly all threadbare on the edges after years of wear! I'm not sure which one yet, maybe something like this: blazer or this: pea coat. I need a replacement I like as much as the old one!

I do have a couple of LL Bean parkas that I've kept from year to year, but this parka from Boden caught my eye. Not just because of the dog in the picture!

I think I'll get some henleys for tops and a few long sleeve tees and turtlenecks and a couple of these gathered tops.

A few dressier shirts would be good to have like this velvet trim one, a ruffled one and an entirely velvet shirt.

I have some thin cardigans still from last year, but this one would be a nice addition, in the dark purple shade: sweater

I'll keep on wearing my Gap 'Real Straight' jeans for now and maybe try a pair of the new black true straight pants too.

I'm not sure if I will get any new skirts, but if I do, these are on the short list for now: printed skirt, jean pencil skirt, and corduroy pencil skirt.

I love slip on/off shoes and rocket dog is one of my favorite brands for clogs, not just because of the name!

Dressier shoes that look comfortable too!

I like these boots (in 'ink') but am not sure I could really justify them. We'll see.

I really, really need some good *hole free* rubber boots for gardening.

I've been using some hiking boots as winter boots for years, but am sick of cold, wet feet. I am thinking of these boots (and maybe a pair of the men's for Jeff). The dogs will appreciate our increased tolerance of weather!

Perhaps a hat? This gray leopard one or this more plain one? I've always quite liked fedoras and they are 'in' again this season.

It's kind of interesting to list fashion wants and needs and see what you end up with. My ideas are all over the place, but I think I'll be able to get some things I like that also go together.


2paw said...

I had a lovely time looking at all your possible choices!! I like the pencil skirts and the beaded necklace is so pretty!!I have never thought about a plan, I just add a few things and off I go!! Hope your arm is feeling better soon.

Kristen said...

I just spent a little too much time playing with the nail polish and jeans color combinations.
Maybe your arm is sore from hauling all those luscious tomatoes?!

knitseashore said...

What a fun post -- I enjoyed clicking on all of your links! L.L. Bean has always been one of my favorites too -- my "duck" shoes from high school are still going strong. I love the new ones they have that look like ballet flats!

I hope your arm feels better. Mine is still aching and it's frustrating.

robin said...

I enjoyed reading about your fashion wish list! I should make my own list!