Sunday, August 01, 2010

Front Door Facelift

This weekend, Jeff is working hard on the front door to remove a lot of old paint.

It is tricky work as there is lots of detail!

We are planning to paint it red. I can't really get an accurate picture of the color. It looks different in shade and sun. All the colors are a bit wonky in this picture of the shade card.

This is the color chip sample which looks a bit closer to me.

It is called Apple Polish.

After we get the door finished, there is a warped floorboard on the porch to be replaced. Then we need to paint the roof supports and stain the floor.

I am thinking of getting a full glass panel storm door, so the pretty old door is shown off better, but we'll see if we get to that. I think the porch needs a bit of decorating, perhaps a nice big planter with an evergreen shrub and a bench or chair, but that might wait for next summer at this point.

Then, we need to paint the backdoor too. I think we'll do it the same color.

Hopefully there will be some house maintenance FO's to show soon!

Edited to add:
Down to wood.

First coat of paint.


2paw said...

Wow, it looks fabulous- worth all Jeff's hard work and your plan for a chair and some greenery sounds perfect!!

Kristen said...

Love the red door!