Friday, August 20, 2010

Garden Update

I climbed up to the second floor of the barn yesterday to snap some garden pics. The garden is looking dry and tired. I have pulled out a lot of it, not that you can really tell from the picture, but mostly I've been picking. There are tomatoes, string beans, cukes, zukes, peppers, some eggplants. Plenty for eating and preserving.

I'm also working at picking the gourds, pumpkins and winter squash that are ripe as long as I can do it without stepping on the vines that are still growing.

(Back on the ground for the rest of the pictures.) Here you can see where I've pulled things out and where I need to pull out weeds, right along the edge of the plastic where the tiller doesn't quite get to them. All the greenery to the left part of the picture is string beans.

At dusk, I took another picture of the zinnias and sunflowers with the setting sun in the background.

There are a lot of apples on the two trees, but since I didn't use any sprays, they are quite disfigured. The insides are fine, so I might pick the best, peel them and cook with them. Some applesauce would be nice! In the meantime, the dogs are eating some. Eating apples is ALL they want to do in the yard lately...unless they are actually eating something else. You would think they would become used to the veggies/fruits and not obsess so much!

"Give me the apple NOW!!!"

At least here you can see how juicy and white the inside of the apples are, even if the skins aren't so great looking.


2paw said...

I was reading and nodding and then suddenly there was a beautiful happy Saffy, she looks so gorgeous and so do your apples!!!
The end of Summer is a little sad I think, though I love Autumn. We have lots of bulbs out in our garden so Spring is on the way, even though we have snow on the mountains I can see out the window!!

Kristen said...

You must have the healthiest dogs around. No need to coerce them to eat their fruits and vegetables!

knitseashore said...

You must be so busy with the harvesting and making sauce! I'm glad you can get outside with the dogs and enjoy the flowers and apples too.