Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garden Update

It seems like a good time for another virtual trip to the garden. Here is the usual shot from the corner where the peas were growing, what seems like a very, very long time ago! You can see the butternut and acorn squashes have grown out over the lawn. The compost bin is to the left of the picture, covered with vines and flowers. I just have a small corner left where I can add things until the vines are finished and pulled out. There is actually a pumpkin growing in the bin! You can see the green colors are not so lush as early in the season and there is a yellowy or tan hue. Since I can't walk into the vines without crushing them, some weeds have grown up too.

I am happy to have some 2nd crop zukes starting to grow fruit to the left in the picture and 2nd crop cukes flowering to the right.

The first crop zukes are pretty beat from relentless picking, mildew and just running their course. I plan to drag the old plants to the burn pile soon, but I'm still picking a few zukes from them for us and the dogs in the meantime.

The tomatillos have set a lot of fruit. It's hard to resist giving the pods a gentle squeeze to feel how much the fruits have grown inside!

The bean row to the right is starting to get past prime, but the second crop row to the left will be ready soon.

Later on, we will have three more varieties in this 3rd crop row.

There are ripe cherry tomatoes and a few larger varieties are turning, but mostly they are still green.

Pie pumpkin.

Decorative gourds.

Decorative gourds taking over the lawn!

An extra warty gourd.

Ripening Jack o'Lantern for carving this fall.

The sunflowers are just beginning to bloom and I hope to get a shot of them soon with Jeff for scale. They are HUGE! The zinnias and 4 o'clocks continue to attract a lot of insects and birds.

Looking across the tomato annex at the flowers.

The current burn pile is about as tall as me already. I am sure it is the first of several we will make as we go through the fall and leaf season too. I won't have room to burn though until the nearby tomatoes and other garden plants are done.

This is a real variety of work to be done including harvesting and clean up and even starting some seeds for fall lettuce and Swiss chard. I'm working on the yard some too, cutting back invasive vines that have grown over the summer.


rose gold said...

You have a wonderful spacey garden. The pie pumpkin is perfect and it is very big. All of your plants are really doing well. The flowers are getting really gorgeous especially the 4 o'clock and the zinnias.

Melanie Giant said...

Are you sure that is a garden? I thought I was a field because of the size! There are many plants and crops! I envy you! Well, I am just doing my gardening with 7 pots and one seed bed! LOL. So that's not that big compared to yours! Thanks for sharing this post! I love it! More please!

isabella cakes said...

I really enjoy the tour! I am amazed with all of your crops especially with the pie pumpkin. You will really have big veggies for your harvesting time. I can’t wait to see your next post and the pictures of your bountiful harvest.