Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Front door - back on the hinges!

Over the weekend, Jeff worked on the front door facelift. Yesterday, which happened to be my birthday, we got to hang the newly painted door in place. The door is something that needed doing anyway, but it was also a nice present!

I am excited to get a picture on here right away, though the door still needs a little touch up where paint came away with the masking tape and some of the tape goo still needs removing from the glass.

The camera has trouble with the shade and my eyes see it differently in changing light too, but all the variations are nice.

From inside the house. It's actually good the color is a little muted inside to go better with our inside colors and decorations when the door is open.

From outside. It appears quite a bit brighter in the sunlight and looks sharp with the blue shutters and white siding. Please excuse the dirty siding, we plan to pressure wash soon. It has been very dusty at times this summer during the dry spells and the dust finds a way to stick to everything.

You can see there is still a fairly long to do list. We have to paint the door frame with a fresh coat of white paint. The threshold needs gray paint and the porch floor will be stained gray again after the wonky board is replaced...it would have to be front and center!

However, I think Jeff is in the mood to work on doors all at once, so probably the next job will be scraping and peeling off old paint and freshly painting the back outside door (the same color as the front). The back door is just wood, no glass, so there will be more surface area to deal with, but the mouldings are less detailed.

Seeing the door in place really makes me want new, full glass panel storm doors for both the outside doors. I am not sure if they will be easy to install in our older home doorways, or not. I need to look into sizes, styles and cost of those. I'm sure it will make yet another set of holes in the frame! Perhaps we'd better wait to paint that until after we've decided on the storm door, so we can putty in all the old holes at once.

Homes TV shows or magazines make home improvements look so easy and fast, but for us anyway, they seem to take soooo long! Therefore, I get very excited about finishing just something relatively small, like a door =)


2paw said...

happy Birthday!! That's a good present!! It looks fabulous, and the colour does look different inside and out.What are storm panel doors?? We certainly don't have them here, maybe I should??!!

knitseashore said...

It looks so nice! I know the feeling about things taking longer than you want them to, but it is worth it when they are done.