Monday, June 21, 2010

The Longest Day

Happy Solstice! We celebrated by going for a late evening walk with the dogs. We started from our yard and headed for the distant pond you can just barely see in the center of the picture below, via a more roundabout route than straight across the field.

Here are some pretty meadow views along the way.

The boys. Our place is across the field, but the buildings don't show through the trees.

Saffy knows where we are going and leads the way. What is she so eager to get to?

Oh, a muddy bit of pond to wade in! A special treat for a Labrador!

The pond is really quite pretty and peaceful. There were deer tracks, but we didn't see any actual deer, probably not likely with two dogs.

After everyone was wearing some pond water/muck, we headed for home.

Saffy started walking right behind me as she got tired.

I waited for the sun to set over "Zucchini Henge", but was not visited by the Great Zucchini or anything special!

The sunset as seen from our back property line.

For a cold treat, we had fresh sorbet I'd made earlier in the day. What flavors do you think they are? Do you guess green and yellow summer squash?

No, just kidding! The yellow is peach-mango and the green is kiwi. Both delicious, if I do say so myself ;)


2paw said...

A muddy pond is a dog's delight. What a beautiful stroll, and Saffy knows the way. Is Silas a bit of a bolter??
I laughed at your Great Zucchini comment!!!

Sarah said...

Silas isn't a bolter, but when he gets all the way to the end of that extra long leash and is exploring, he can forget he's on it. If he pulls at the end of it, it's hard to hold onto it. The nose thingy reminds him and also steers him back toward us when he tries to swim out into the middle of the pond! Usually I just clip the leashes to their collars.

knitseashore said...

What a nice way to spend the evening! I didn't realize you had a pond nearby. I'm sure the dogs loved the walk as much as you did!