Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Break From Peas

Last night, we had the first baby zukes from the garden! I served them sauteed, along with sauteed Swiss chard, my campfire potatoes and Jeff's tender grilled chicken.

I think chard is probably the prettiest veggie in the garden, particularly the 'bright lights' variety with all the pink, red, orange and yellow stems. Here it is washed and ready to chop.

Chopped chard and baby zukes.

The zukes were sauteed in EVOO with a little salt and pepper. For the chard, I heated the EVOO with a little salt and pepper in it and added three garlic cloves that I flattened with the side of my knife. As that began sizzling, I added the chard stems and finally the leaves. Here's how it all looked, you'll have to imagine the enticing smells! (I have my big pot with strainer insert on the stove top for blanching veggies for freezing.)

All served up!

Over the weekend, the mangoes at the grocery store looked great and I bought three. I love the piney smell of them. Here is the gorgeous, yellow puree from two mangoes, simple syrup and squeeze of lemon juice ready to chill in the fridge.

A peek at the freezing process in the ice cream maker.

Finally, served up for dessert!

The remaining mango is planned for a mango/peach sorbet. If you'd like to try making sorbet too, have a look at this simple recipe.

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