Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cookie Craving

I just had to have some chocolate tonight! I was feeling so tired, but thought a sweet treat might revive me. So, I summoned enough energy to make up a batch of Toll House Cookies from the recipe on the back of the semi-sweet chocolate morsels bag.

The dogs wanted some, but they can't have chocolate. Poor doggies! I let them each have the tiniest taste of batter without chocolate. Saffy investigated the oven area and grunted 'uhmmm, ummmm, ummmnnn' in her funny way of 'talking'.

After a couple of cookies, I am revived and sugar buzzed! And, I have a bunch of cookies for the freezer, so the next time I have a craving I won't have to bake them first!


2paw said...

Nigella and Martha use an ice cream scoop as well. I ahve bought one for biscuits and cupcakes as well. Saffy and I would both have the non-chocolate part, though I wouldn't' make the noises!!

Kristen said...

The original recipe on the package makes tha absolute best chocolate chip cookies!

knitseashore said...

Yum! They look so good. There must be something in the air; I am making toll house pie tonight for Chris' train group.