Friday, March 04, 2011

Pizza Night

I hadn't eaten pizza in ages and yesterday got the urge to make some for dinner! I finally got around to trying '00' flour and am quite amazed with how soft, silky and malleable the dough is. I usually use straight Bread Machine Flour or All Purpose Flour, sometimes subbing in a little semolina or whole wheat. Those are just fine, but I think my preference is now the '00'. I didn't need a rolling pin at all, the dough just stretched with the slightest pulling.

I used a recipe calling for the '00' flour that I found doing an internet search: click for recipe (reduce the salt!!). I would also recommend the Jamie At Home recipe, but it does make considerably more dough than I needed for dinner which is why I didn't use it this time. Sometime I'll make it and fridge or freeze the extra. It is fun to watch the video of the show that goes with the pizza recipe. He has an amazing brick oven! (Part 1 and Part 2. Btw, I do not haul my 500 degree pizza stone in and out of the oven like Jamie! OMG! I find a peel a lot easier!)

The picture shows the dough pretty early on in the rising time. The '00' is to the left and the yellow bag contains cornmeal which I use on the pizza peel and stone to prevent sticking.

I made the sauce from our homegrown frozen tomato puree. It was simmered to thicken and seasoned with sauteed, minced garlic and a seasoning mix for pizza that includes oregano, crushed red pepper and sea salt.

I topped it with turkey peperoni, Kalamata olives, mozzarella, parm and a good grinding of black pepper. Here's a peek in the oven--it was almost ready!

Yummy! Pizza for dinner and leftovers for breakfast ;)


knitseashore said...

YUM! Looks delicious!

2paw said...

Yes, it looks so delicious!! I have never tried 00 flour. I must give it a go after your recommendation!!

Kristen said...

That sure beats the frozen Stop and Shop pizza we had last night.
:-) I had to google 00 flour and now would like to try it; I always have trouble trying to stretch the dough.