Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Almost Spring Beach Walk

With the temps around 40 F and the sun shining brightly, the dogs and I walked to the beach today. It felt so good to get some proper, outdoors exercise! When we got to the beach, the dogs couldn't wait to get over the boardwalk to the sand and surf.

Some serious construction work has changed the view recently...see the giant cooling towers?!

Saffy and Silas mugging for the camera.

They didn't want to sit for long. See all the dog tracks on the beach? There were lots of trails to sniff and explore.

The beach profile is still very wintry looking.

The dogs cooled (froze?) their toes. It probably felt good after all the walking.

But they didn't go in like they do in summer!

Mostly, they walked next to the water.

After playing on the beach, we headed for home. First, we had to trek up the hill from the water. I was glad not to be on my bike! I think I'd have passed out about here:


2paw said...

Snap! It's about 4*C/40*F when we go for a walk in the morning now, there must be times when our Autumn and Spring temperatures match!!
You have such great walking places and I love Saffy and Silas posing on the seat!! Mine would be too wriggly!! Peri and Gilly like a dip when it is freezing cold, I think they might be mad!!
I am wondering what the cooling towers are for???

Sarah said...

The cooling towers are part of a plant that produces electricity from coal.