Sunday, March 27, 2011

Knitting Shopping

I did go for a sunny ride to Sakonnet Purls this afternoon. There are many wondrous yarns there and a lovely shop cat named Lucy. She was assisting at the checkout counter today. They have a large display of buttons that you'd be tempted to buy even if you didn't have something to sew them onto! I was looking for six hearts to embellish my Louisa Harding bag. I think these will do nicely! They are different than the ones shown in the book, but I like to personalize my knitting some.

Also on my list was the spring 2010 Kim Hargreaves book called Misty. I've liked it for almost a year now and I wanted to get it before the new spring book came out. (I am excited to see that one too, hopefully in April. Has anyone seen preview pics yet?) I am going to read through the patterns and decide what to make from it first, but I'm leaning towards Chalk. I think I would go with a dark blue denim color which looked really nice today when I held it up to the new scarf I got yesterday.

I'll go back another day for the yarn. I just stuck to items on my list today, so I have the notions for finishing and the book as a bribe to finish current things!

P.S. My new bunny bowl now contains jelly beans! Yay!


2paw said...

I think your buttons are lovely and what fun to have a Knitting Shop cat!!
Chalk is great, it looks casual but feminine. Here, it would be covered with Gilly paw prints within seconds!!
Lucky Bunny!!

Lisette said...

Love those heart buttons! Great choice! Can't wait to see your finished Louisa Harding bag!