Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekendy Things

The weekend got off to a great start Friday afternoon with the arrival of my Web's order of summer tweed for 2 upcoming projects. For a tank top, or Serenity...not exactly sure.

For Lull!

After admiring my new yarn, Jeff and I ran out to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a new mattress pad and pillows (oh, the thrill...) as things were getting threadbare. Much more fun was going out for drinks and sharing a nacho plate after!

Later on, I finished the front of Rove, so it is ready for the neckband, armbands and seaming. (Dark, late night, not so great pic.) It lines up perfectly with the back.

I wasn't ready to deal with the finishing fussiness of Rove, so I cast on for Lull instead! It is constructed with an 8 row pattern that I'm starting to get into my head.

Saturday, was a day full day of fun with Debby and Chris, with plans including shopping, bike race watching (photos on my bike blog) and dinner.

I found a pretty summer scarf, bracelet and a great shade of summer lippy gloss (nude almond)!

I bought 3 tops: a linen tunic, silky print and crochet cardi as well as a ruffle skirt, not shown.

Along with buying a couple of my lotion 'essentials' at the dept store there was a summer giveaway and the counter lady there is always so nice to me and loads me up with 2 of everything and full sized product samples. It's always so funny/good to buy like 3 tiny boxes, but then get so much bonus free stuff that I need the biggest available shopping bag to carry it out of the store, LOL! I'm so set on lotions and make up for the whole summer (all stuff I like and would otherwise pay for!) and have cute shoulder bags and mini bags to carry it all in!

I almost forgot to mention that I got a couple of kitchen things I've been wanting too. A hot pepper corer that should save my fingers from buring pepper juices from now on! And a cherry pitter as cherries are so good this time of year and I'm wanting a fresh fruit salad with them in it.

Sunday, we went to Target to pick up household things, you know, boring stuff like trash bags. But I always find some fun things too. This time I got a few summer tanks to wear under my knits, blue plastic glassware for patio use (will be lighter to carry in and out than the usual glassware and not breakable) and a new doggie bed for Silas (Saffy's older bed is still ok.). In the past, Silas hasn't liked changing beds and it takes a week before he adjusts to the newness of it as he is pretty high strung. This time, however, he took to this bed right away and seemed so pleased! The only problem was that Saffy wanted something new too and kept pushing him off to try out the new bed. After awhile everyone was on their own beds and happy though. I window shopped for cameras too. I want something with more capability. The compact is great to carry on the bike, but for all the other times I'm taking pics, I'd like something with more options. I might just get a better point and shoot. Not sure I need interchangeable lenses and all...but I'm still pretty unsure what I'm going to do! There are so many great choices! We also ate at Vinny T's and stopped at Starbucks, of course!

Now, it is a rainy Monday, so I will try to get a bit of knitting done and ride the bike trainer and organize all my new things and tidy up.


Kristen said...

Great new acquistions! How lucky to be on good terms with the counter lady. :-)

2paw said...

Wow, you have been so busy and had such fun!! Isn't it a relief when your knitting matches up!! Lovely tops and great bargains!! Silas is so funny but he looks right at home on his new bed. Gilly and Peri always try to steal harki's spot on the couch and Gilly won;t move I have to drag her off!!

knitseashore said...

We had a wonderful time with you and I'm so glad that you had such a successful shopping trip!!!!