Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet, Summer Memories

Who isn't nostalgic about summer? And isn't everyone taken back somewhere by certain tastes?

Goldenrod Taffy, from York Beach, Maine, takes me back to childhood days when I stayed at my grandparent's summer house in York Harbor. With one taste, even one crinkle of the wrapper, I am back in the salty/sugary air, gazing through the windows watching the taffy being pulled, before heading inside for a club sandwich and a lime ricky.

I would play on the swing set across the street from the Goldenrod by Short Sands. Yes, I am wearing a sweater with a swimsuit! That's what you get dressed like when your grandmother is a knitter and you summer in Maine which can be somewhat chilly! The other picture, of me with the frog, was taken across the street from my grandparent's summer house.

A little collage showing the stone, stucco and red tiled roofed house, my grandmother enjoying a book on the step of the side door, which actually wasn't used for going in and out, my papa with his freshly canned relish and more peppers and tomatoes for another batch and my grandmother reading the paper on the chaise.

Thanks to the internet, I ordered taffy for Jeff and I as well as sending some to family members who shared those good times.


Kristen said...

Those are sweet memories of idyllic summers. It's amazing how certain things, like your taffy, open floodgates of memory.

knitseashore said...

Thank you for sharing your photos and memories of summer. Your grandparents' cottage is charming. You must miss visiting there very much.

Have you thought about making a scrapbook, even something basic, for all of the special photos you have? My mother is doing that with our old family photos, and we love to look at them when we visit on the holidays.