Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Repeat

Last Sunday's drive to Sakonnet Purls and Gray's Ice Cream was so enjoyable that we did it again this week. With Rove knitting up quickly, I was starting to think ahead about my next project. I settled on one with Rowan Summer Tweed. It's so hard on my fingers, but I do like the fabric it makes. Anyway, there was a shortage of Summer Tweed colors and skeins at Sakonnet Purls, so I was not able to get the amount I wanted, though I was able to get one of my top color choices. There were 5 remaining skeins of 'rush'. I started winding them up on the drive home and here is one ball shown nestled in my sage plant in the pic.

My plan was to get enough skeins for Lull, from the new Studio 15 book I got last weekend, but I will need to do an online order instead. In the meantime, I will use today's yarn to make the tank top from the Summer Tweed Collection pattern book, though I had hoped to do it in a different color. Maybe I still will use a different color too, one can't really have too many tanks in summer time.

Although I could make this other top from the Studio book with the yarn I got today, I really think I'd want a different color for it, either the raffia shown in the pic, or something dark.

I got a ton of yard work done yesterday and particularly enjoyed the mowing with all the flowers to look at as I went around and around the yard. I cut back the out of control property border shrubs to the south and dragged the trimmings to a new burn pile. Saffy and Silas enjoyed 'helping' me, but did not figure out that the branches were supposed to be piled in one place, not dragged all over!

Here's a picture of daisies blooming by the back door/patio. They are sunny, even when the sky is cloudy like it was much of today.


sloth-knits said...

I know what you mean about the Summer Tweed! I made a sweater out of it for my husband several years ago and after a while the sensation of the yarn running along my fingertips was excruciating, but my husband says it's one of the most comfortable sweaters he has (even though it's too short and too wide).

Sarah said...

I think it will be extra hard to work with the summer tweed since I've been working with easy, stretchy Calmer lately, but I must try it again as the patterns are so enticing.

It's so nice that the summer tweed sweater you knitted is truly appreciated =)

knitseashore said...

How was SP -- are they still stocking yarns or are they letting their stock run down in case they have to close? I'm glad that you found something you liked while you are waiting for your order to arrive!