Friday, June 19, 2009

Rainy Day Entertainments

With pouring rain outside, I'll be in today except to run the dogs around outside occasionally. There will be knitting and some biking on the trainer. And, since I stocked up on magazines at the bookstore last night, there will be magazine looking.

I am fast becoming a fan of Knit Today magazine (in addition to Simply Knitting) and I love the top on the cover this month! It has such lovely shaping on the sleeves and front, I must order some yarn for it soon*. I snapped this pic showing the sunny cover of the mag in front of my window with a view of my rain soaked lilacs.

This month's issue came with a little book of good projects for using up odds and ends of yarns.

This Country Living has been out for awhile and I don't always get it, but finally broke down and bought this issue as I want to gaze at the building conversion article (it's very romantic seeming to live in a building that was previously a boat house or a train station!) and the garden articles.

I've never looked at this mag before...

but wonder if Jeff and I can find the time and energy to make some arbor arches like this one? I like to dream about having some garden structures like this!

Hope everyone else in the rain finds a way to make the most of the day too =)

*edited to add: trying to decide between indigo and kiwi hard...maybe I need one of each?!

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Kristen said...

It rained here early Fri. but then surprisingly it cleared up and was pretty nice. The magazines look inspiring. I've been wanting an arbor too, draped with grapes or flowering vines.