Sunday, June 07, 2009

FO: Terracotta Tank

I made such a stupid mistake on the first row of this knit which I did not discover until I was dividing the front and back at the underarm. Yes, I did not divide the stitches evenly between the front and back. Mentally, I locked onto a number for a different size and proceeded to triple check that, not realizing my error in the first place! Aaarrrgh! I was *not* going to frog all that work. I decided to let the slightly longer side be the front as some of the slack would be taken up by the bust half of me and the back half would be flatter against my shoulder blades.

It seems to have worked out ok. It feels fine on as well. It hasn't been blocked yet, but hardly needs it.

(Excuse the sunlight/shading in this pic, the yarn is just one color throughout.)

My *intentional* changes were to end the eyelet rib at the under bust line and lower the front neckline scoop. Also, I knitted the back of the neck straight, I did not scoop it like the front.

So, I have a new summer top, just in time for the hot weather to arrive!


2paw said...

Your top looks great and you knitted it so quickly!! I do that too, I get an idea in my head, an erroneous idea, and off I go doing whateber it is I am doing until it is too late. You look to have come out of it with shining colours though!!

knitseashore said...

Your new top looks great! I hope the weather improves and you have a chance to wear it soon!!!