Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here Be Dragons...

Well, actually only one dragon, but he's pretty fantastic. Look for him on the roof as you enter Mystic River Yarns!

Zoomed in with the new camera ;) I just took it on 'auto'...there's some option for shooting contrast I probably should try out soon, but even without it, there's a lot of detail.

Debby and I met up in Mystic last Friday for a day out lunching and shopping. I bought 2 skeins of Weaver's Wool Mountain Colors in Wild Iris and Sweet Lavender. I always end up buying that yarn at Mystic. It knits up into beautiful scarves when I want fast, easy knitting.

These flowers were at the shops at 'Mistick Village', where I had even more shopping luck! I've been on a bit of a shopping kick lately, but before this hadn't bought much in ages, so it all balances out, I think =)

At the Scandinavian shop I love (I actually have Swedish ancesters in my family tree), I got 3 little trays for my living room for drinks or snacks. The image on them is one by Carl Larsson, a favorite artist of mine. You can see some knitting depicted on the table in the foreground!

At the same shop, I got 2 necklaces!

Debby and I both reverted to being about 12 when we saw the paper fashion book on the left. I'd seen it on Amazon and secretly admired it. I couldn't resist it, nor could Debby, LOL! And, on Debby's recommendation, I'm trying a popular young adult author (good so far!). The book has a bike on the cover, I have to love that, right?!

I think summer is a fun time to revert to simple pleasures of childhood, so I'll indulge a bit.


Kristen said...

The little Carl Larsson tray is perfect. He made such peaceful scenes.
I never noticed the dragon above MRY. Has it always been there? I'll have to start looking up more!

knitseashore said...

I had such a fun day with you! I hope we can do another one again soon. I'm so glad you found such pretty things.

I *love* my paper fashion book. If only they had that when we were younger!