Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's Garden Pics

The garden actually looks very pretty on cloudy days like we've been having and photographs best without bright contrast too. Everything is lush looking from all the rain and I'm enjoying my yard very much! I have some gorgeous mint and am thinking I should obtain the rest of the ingredients for some mojitos!

I'm watching the blueberries grow and know that the dogs and various birds are also anticipating them...who will get to the ripe ones first this year?

This hardy geranium is Buxton's blue and I grew it from seed and have several plants around the yard.

The arbor bed is pretty, but needs some work. Plants have moved around on their own and I never did get a tall border all the way across the back of it. Hopefully next year I'll start some more seeds for that. It could use another 3-4 peegee hydrangeas as well. I might be able to do some cuttings from the two I have already.

A view of the very wild butterfly garden! The way I see it, it may be crazy full of plants, but they are plants I intended and not weeds. It's nice to successfully smother out weeds once in awhile!

A row of butterfly bushes forms the back of the butterfly garden. There is a little path along the back between the gardens and the north property line/stone wall.

Saffy, as you know, enjoys the gardens. Usually playing, resting and smelling flowers...

but occasionally taking a bite!!!


knitseashore said...

Your garden is so pretty. I'm sad I didn't do anything with mine this year. Because of the weather, the jungle is taking over. There's always next year!

Kristen said...

One of the gardens I visited on the tour had a raised bed full of mint so tall and full that I thought it was beebalm.
The picture of Saffy chomping a flower is too funny!

2paw said...

Oh, you grow your own blueberries. We have a blueberry farm a little way up the valley and they are delcious!! Lovely garden!! Saffy is so cute chomping on that flower!!!