Thursday, June 04, 2009

Early June Garden 'Tour'

Yesterday, I snapped some pics around my yard while I was out with Saffy and Silas. My all time favorite shrubs are in full bloom, wine/pink and pink weigelia...wish you could smell them!

The yard is beautifully perfumed by them this time of year, not cloyingly, just a light whiff.

These are Knautia which the butterflies and bees love, as do I!

I am going to have to regain *some* control of the butterfly garden one of these days. It's completely filled in! Here are the, purple and pink shades.

Hardy geraniums have been coming back faithfully for years now. I started them from seed and they get bigger every year too.

A patch of shade by the barn door is full with a Jack in the Pulpit, false Solomon Seal, bluebells, lily of the valley...there is a bleeding heart and sweet william in that area too, but not showing in this pic. The bleeding heart has gone by and the bluebells are past peak.


Kristen said...

In some places lupine are regarded as pesty invasives, but I've never had success with them. After seeing gorgeous swaths of them in Maine/Canada/ Prince Edward Island I gave them a go several times with no luck.

knitseashore said...

Your garden is so beautiful -- the Jack in the Pulpit reminds me of my childhood. My grandmother had oodles of them in the woods next to her house.