Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today's Blooms & Doggie Antics

The 'lollipop' lillies are in bloom!

Ooh! A smell! Did a turkey walk through the yard?

We'd better roll in it, whatever it is!

Ox-eye daisy blooms.

Crazy daisy blooms.

A detail of Apple Blossom Grass. Looks a bit like an orchid, don't you think?
Apple Blossom Grass. This is one of my all time favorite blooms.

The dogs found a stick that had fallen from a tree and started 'limbing' it for me.

Then, they tried to play tug-o-war with it.

I had to hang onto an end of the stick so they wouldn't run into me with it! They ran around me in circles, holding onto the stick.


Debby said...

Gorgeous Lilies! Does the Apple Blossom Grass smell like Apple Blossom??

Kristen said...

The lollipop lilies are beautiful. Oh boy, doggy tug-o-war!

2paw said...

What lovely flowers, my azaleas were out but now the Spring bulbs are up: in Winter?? Very strange!! Look at those Labradors!! They love to play, don't they and playing with you is an extra bonus. They have no limitations either: a whole tree? Sure, I can carry that in my mouth!!!!! Harki and Peri are asleep on the couch near the heater, they had a winy wet walk and ran all the way this morning!!!