Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Garden Blooms

I just have to post lots of flower pics this time of year. The gardens are growing so fast and changing everyday.

Here is the Rocky Mtn Penstemon. I love the blend of blue and purple in the blooms. I'd like to get a couple of skeins of yarn in this colorway! The pink color in the background is a type of Salvia.

Here's another shot of the Penstemon and you can see a little bit of my house and barn in the background. There is a little pink and white Centranthus in this view as well.

This is such a petite flower, but abundant. I think it's a Dianthus called Sonata (I lose track of some of the names of things!).

Mother Nature has been getting creative and altering my original layout, but I don't mind the mish-mash of plants as long as things are thriving! Here are some foxgloves, lupines, and knautia. I wish you could smell the green leaves in the foreground. They are Anise hyssop and smell like lemons and mint when you brush past them. They will have purple flowers soon that the bees will love.

Here's the arbor bed. I like the way it is an 'island' in the lawn. The dogs love to orbit it at high speed!

The dogs had a long session of tug-o-war with the rope while I took pics. They move so fast it's hard to capture a pic, but here's a snapshot.

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Debby said...

I am savoring all of your garden photos! The dianthus is delicate looking -- do you have a hard time keeping the weeds out? I had to pull mine out because it was messy, but I miss it.