Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FO: Christmas Stockings

I have 4 stockings ready for holiday gift giving! These are my Project Spectrum projects for red and metallic.

This was a very quick project and fun too. After the first one, I did not need to consult the pattern, so I could carry my work around. I even knit in bed at night, holding it over me while resting on my back!! That was a nice break for my neck and shoulders.

Here is a detail of the heel flap construction. For fun, I put an interesting Christmas figurine into the shot.

I found this Santa and sled dogs in the unfinished basement when we moved into our house. It was in some floor sweepings and trash in a corner. I'm glad it hadn't yet been tossed in a bin as I think it's cute! Judging by the weight, it must be lead and it says 'Germany' on the bottom of the sled.

Once again, I am taking pictures on a rainy day, so the lighting isn't the best! The pattern and yarn details are listed on the sidebar.


Kristen said...

(Second try with comments.) You are ahead of the game with holiday gifts. Lucky that you saved the cute mushing Santa. There must be a story behind him!

Debby said...

Yes, that is great that you have finished some projects early! It's hard for me to think of Christmas with the weather so nice and summery right now.

2paw said...

Ph it's nearly Ozmas here, so your Christmas sockings are just right: and beautiful!!! The Santa and sleigh are so cute: we have 6 white boomers!!!

hege said...

How great to be prepared so early! The stockings are great! The Santa is really sweet, it may be valuable, you never know. :)