Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Little Shopping :-)

Today was a busy day of driving all over to do chores, but I made sure our route took us by a yarn store I'd never been to before. It's called Fabric Place and it was pretty great! They have several locations in New England. I can't believe I didn't go there sooner. I was able to get the needles I need for two upcoming projects. I only bought two balls of yarn as I didn't have a list with me of what I need, but I spotted a lot of yarns I'll go back for. One even looked like a good choice for knitting into a sweater for my husband.

I bought circular needles in sizes: 4.50mm/29in; 3.50mm/29in; 3.25mm/16 in; US13/16in; and a package of yarn bobs. (The shiny packaging and flash made it hard to get a good picture, but I'll post this one anyway.)

And, somehow, these two balls of Plymouth Yarn--Suri Merino went to the checkout counter with me. It feels soft and cozy and will probably make a lovely pair of mittens!

Saffy is doing a lot better. Keeping the 'hot spot' dry and clean seems to be clearing it up. She hasn't licked it at all tonight!


whoami123 said...
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Debby said...

So glad you found your needles! Can't wait to see the projects you have in mind for them.

That is a lovely shade of plum yarn! (I'm thinking about that color for the Central Park Hoodie...).

Glad Saffy is feeling better! Please give her a pet for me.

Melissa said...

First of all, comment #1...??????
Looks like you had fun the yarn!

knittin'_kitten said...

That first comment was some sort of spam, so I got rid of it!