Monday, July 03, 2006

Feels like the Dog Days of Summer Already

This hot, muggy weather isn't good for dogs! Poor Saffy has developed a 'hot spot' on the underside of her paw, next to the pads. She wants to lick it constantly, so we are cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and wrapping it. Last night, I used a little bandage, but today, we put a sock on her! She likes all the fuss over her, but is not thrilled about the sock! She doesn't try to chew it off, but she does flap her foot around which makes the sock slide down her leg. Silas has also helped her take it off a couple of times!

The hollyhocks are all blooming now and look so pretty.

I didn't have time for knitting over the weekend, but hope to do some today.


Debby said...

I hope Saffy's paw is better and she's not fighting the sock too much. Poor doggie!

The hollyhocks are beautiful! I hope the weeding/watering isn't too much for you in this heat. We just set up the sprinklers, but have to do some by hand.

2paw said...

Poor Saffy. My old Labrador Tori had hot spots. They are very boogelly. I am glad to see that Silas is ministering to her!! I don't think any Labrador would like a sock on their paw!! Hope Saffy is feeling 'paw'fectly well soon!!!