Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Handbag Update, etc.

I managed to snap one pic of the cable handbag before the batteries died in my camera. The knitting part of it is done. Now, I have to get to a fabric store to pick out material for the lining. Also, I have to order some bamboo type handles for it!

Yesterday was hot and Saffy enjoyed wading in her doggie pool. Silas lays down in it, but he was too quick for me to get a pic.

Sometimes, I can't remember what I planted! I can't recall the name of these, but they are pretty! Any guesses?


Debby said...

I don't know if you have a Michael's craft store near you, but they have a good selection of handles if you would like to see them in person. That bag knitted up so fast!

I think you have Campanula there, (checking file now for second name)...carpatica. Kind of a cousin to the Canterbury bells, I think.

Saffy's so cute in the pool!!!

Monica said...

Debby's right--those are campanula flowers. I love the color.

Saffy is adorable! Does she stick her whole body in the pool--head too?

Melissa said...

Love the bag and love the flowers. The doggie is too cute!

2paw said...

Oh, your Labradors have a paddle pool too!! Mine love the water, especially the hose!! It can get very hot here in Summer, so a cool place is a must.
Nice handbag, I can't wait to see it finished!!!

knittin'_kitten said...

Thanks for identifying my 'mystery' flowers!