Friday, June 30, 2006

Blue Mittens

Here's the start of a mitten I'm knitting in Rowan Kid Classic. Just for fun, I photographed it with a cup and saucer from a Victorian child's teaset.


Debby said...

That is such pretty yarn! It's a perfect match for the teacup. What a good idea! I'm so jealous of your photos. :)

Shawn said...

The color is very pretty. I have started my first mitten! I got the free pattern off the Internet and it says it's easy; so far, so good. I'm using that self-striping yarn used for socks, and it looks cute. Have fun!
blessings, Shawn

knittin'_kitten said...

Debby-I always like your pics and was inspired to put the teacup in this one after seeing yours with the shell!

Shawn-I think using self striping yarn for mittens is a great idea and I would like to try that too.

Happy knitting!