Friday, June 23, 2006

Dog Pics From Yesterday

Saffy resting in a lawn chair. Just look at that turkey neck!

Silas wanted to play, so he brought the rope over to get Saffy's attention.

Saffy decided to humor him and they trotted around the yard holding onto the rope together.

I don't think I have properly introduced the dogs, so here's some information about them. Saffy is short for Saffron. On walks at night, I noticed how bright she is in moonlight, so I decided her full name would be Saffron Moonglow! She is an 'English type' yellow lab and is 6 years old. We adopted Silas from a Petsmart store where he was left with all his litter mates. He's a lab mix and is 3 years old. They both have strong personalities and lots of energy. In other words, they can be devious and hyper, but we love them ;-)


Debby said...

Your dogs are so cute! That's great that they like to play together.

I love your purple hat -- the rose really makes it special!! What's your next project -- the shawl?? Can't wait to see it!

Monica said...

It's a good thing your devious dogs are so cute!

2paw said...

Oh Saffy and Silas are so gorgeous and so happy when they play together!!! Harki and Peri like to play tug of war too, although there was deviousness today!!!!