Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Stuff

This weekend, I was eyeing my growing number of yarn scraps from finished projects and wondering how to figure out how many yards were left and what was enough for another project. Then I remembered: I have a nifty, digital kitchen scale! So, I weighed the leftovers and wrote the weights and yardage on the bands. Then, I went even further and weighed finished objects and figured out which I had enough yarn to duplicate! I feel soooo organized!

I found I had just enough purple RYC Cashcotton left to make another hat with flower, so I knitted up one of those to give away. I also made a lot of progress on the lace headband for my mother and should be able to get that in the mail to her this week.

My Dad got the cashmere blend scarf for his birthday this weekend and was really pleased with it. I know it's a weird gift for June, but he can save it for fall!

If you've read my list of current projects in the sidebar, you'll see that I've listed a shawl from Sirdar #319. Well, I'm trying out a different type of yarn than suggested by the pattern. I'm not absolutely sure that I like my choice yet. The pattern shows un-mercerized cotton which would be nice and soft, of course. I bought mercerized cotton which is going to have a very different feel to it. It's Sonata from and is peacock green. I actually think of it as sort of a mermaid green that could be pretty for summer over a tee or tank. That is, if it works out and if I manage to finish it!! I cast on last week and worked 8 rows. At that point I pretty much had the pattern in my head. Now, I'm actually thinking about frogging those rows and starting again as I think I can do a neater job now that I've got the hang of the pattern. The mercerized cotton is certainly able to handle frogging and re-working ok. So, this shawl is going to be a looong project for me and I'll probably need lots of encouragement! And, I'm still not sure that I won't just buy the suggested yarn and do it in that after all! Ack! I'm certainly having a lot of indecision about this project!!!

I bought Issue 16 of Simply Knitting at Barnes and Noble and it has a little 'how to' article about knitting blogs!

I'll have some more knitting pics soon. I actually have to buy needles for some of the projects in my To Do list that I already have yarn for.

What a lot of rain we got this weekend! The weeds are growing like mad and the lawn needs mowing again. Fortunately, yummy things are also growing in the garden. I can't wait for these blueberries to ripen!!


Debby said...

Blueberries! You must have an amazing garden!!! I enjoy your photos of it so much.

How is the shawl coming? I started a swatch for a camisole (not the yarn the pattern calls for) and it came out too big. I hope your substitution is working out ok.

knittin'_kitten said...

The garden is a work in progress. I have lots of dreams for it, but it takes a lot of time and effort! I have five small blueberry plants and hope to pick the berries before the birds or dogs help themselves.

I think I am going to order some other yarn for the shawl...still thinking about it.