Thursday, June 15, 2006

Would you like to knit with these colors?

These are Sweet Williams blooming in my garden now. Just think how fabulous some self striping socks would look in these colors!!


Debby said...

How beautiful! I'd love to make a scarf out of those colors too.

Do you re-plant the Sweet Williams every year, or do they re-seed themselves?

knittin'_kitten said...

Sweet William is a 'biennial to short-lived perennial'. It doesn't flower the first year, but the second year it blooms and the seeds self sow. They are very easy to collect and sprinkle in new places as well!

I start seeds a couple years in a row to get blooms every year after the first. Once I've done that, they are virtually carefree and bloom each year on their own. The plants in my pics were from seeds I bought from and are listed as Sweet William - Imperial Mix - S027.